• The Company Farmacom Labs has developed a version of oil base of stanozole, injectable steroid known as Winstrol. This version is considered to be better than the water type version, it doesn’t have the disadvantages of an aqueous suspension. The steroid is compatible with other steroids on oil base when it is mix in a…

  • Cantitate: 100 pastile Concentratie: 10mg/pastila Substanta: Methandienone Pretul este pentru o cutie cu 100 pastile

  • Pharma 3 Tren 200 Pharmacom is a mixture of 3 esters of trenbolone: acetate, enanthate and hexahydrobenzyl carbonate. This steroid is highly appreciated for its ability to increase hardness, definition and muscle strength without unwanted water retention and fat gain. With a concentration of 50 mg of trenbolone acetate, 50 mg of trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate…

  • Pharma Bold 300 Pharmacom is an injectable steroid with strong anabolic proprietes and moderate androgen properties, being sought and appreciated by athletes and bodybuilders because it has few side effects. Pharma Bold 300 is the version produced by Pharmacom Lab of the Boldenon Also known as Boldenone, this injectable steroid has a very long active…

  • Cantitate: 1 sticluta de 10ml Concentratie: 500mg/ml Substanta: Mix Steroizi Pretul este per sticluta de 10ml

  • Pharma Sust 300 Pharmacom is a version of the classical Sustanone, which it is a product of the same company, being a mix of testosterone composed from four esters of different testosterone: • Testosterone Propionate – 36 mg/ml • Testosterone Fenilpropionate – 72 mg/ml • Testosterone Isocaproate – 72mg/ml • Testosterone Decanoate – 120mg/ml Pharma…

  • Pharma Test E 300 (at base has Testosteron Enanthate) is one of the best injectable steroids, being recommended as a base solution in every cycles of muscle increasing because of its large volume of muscles accumulated in a short time. For ideal result, it can combine with Dianabol or Nandrolon. The solution is oily and…

  • Pharma Tren A100 Pharmacom is a very known steroid, having as active substance Trenbolon Acetate. It is an incredibly active form of this substance, with visible effects after only a few days of use. Although it is often compared with Decaduraboline, its effects are considered to be better than of it. This steroid has the…

  • Pharma Tren E200 de la Pharmacom is a steroid with strong anabolic and adronegic effects, being one of the best version fo parabolane. The steroid has as an active substance Trenbolon Enatat, which it is known for the fact that it favors the accumulation of high quality muscle mass in a short time. More, it…

  • Cantitate: 1 cutie cu 10 fiole de 10 UI Concentratie: 100 IU Substanta: rHGH Pretul este pentru o cutie intreaga de 100 ui.

  • Trenbolone Mix Hilma Biocare is an injectable mix composed by 3 esters from diferent trenbotone: : 50 mg of trenbolone acetate, 50 mg of trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate (Parabolan) and 50 mg of trenboton enanthate, thus giving it a 150 mg solution in 1 ml. The anabolic steroid is recommended and known for increasing the muscles…

  • Quantity: 100 pills Concentration: 10mg/pill Active substance: Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Price is for 1 box of  100 pills


  • Nandrolone Phenylpropionate is an anabolic steroid that is very similar to the popular Hilma Biocare Nandrolone Decanoate, being the short ester version of it. It is one of the best tolerated steroids, used both in performance and in the medical environment, although it exists possible side effects. Using Hilma Biocare Nandrolon Phenylpropionate will suppress natural…

  • Cantitate: 20 pastile Concentratie: 1 mg/pastila Substanta: Anastrozole Pretul este pentru un blister cu 20 pastile

  • Boldenon Hilma Biocare is known as Equipose. This is an injectable steroid, who has as an active substance Boldenone Undecylenate. The steroid presents strong anabolic proprieties and medium androgen proprieties. The well-balanced anabolic and androgen properties of this medicine are well very appreciate by athletes that wants to increase the results without any strong side-effects.…

  • Trenbolone Enantate from Hilma Biocare is an injectable steroid which is very used by professional bodybuilders because, abstract from the effect over the muscle, it also accentuates the veins and gives them that visual effect specific to bodybuilders. The anabolic steroid is recommended in increasing the muscle mass and in definition cycles. Also, it help…

  • Cantitate: 100 pastile Concentratie: 10mg/pastila Substanta: Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Pretul este pentru o cutie cu 100 pastile

  • Pharma Bold 500 is a stronger version of Pharma Bold 300, with boldenone as active substance. It is one of the most concentrated steroid available. Also known as Boldenon or Equipose, this steroid is very strong and it is not recommended for women because of its high concentration. However, it has no side effects unless…

  • The Company Farmacom Labs has developed a version of oil base of stanozole, injectable steroid known as Winstrol. This version is considered to be better than the water type version, it doesn’t have the disadvantages of an aqueous suspension. The steroid is compatible with other steroids on oil base when it is mix in a…

  • Cantitate: 1 sticluta de 10ml Concentratie: 250mg/ml Substanta: Testosterone Enanthate Pretul este per sticluta de 10ml

  • Cantitate: 1 sticluta de 10ml Concentratie: 100mg/ml Substanta: Drostanolon Propionat Pretul este per sticluta de 10ml

  • One of the most appreciate variant of available Masteron, Drostanolon Propionat from Hilma Biocare is used by bodybuilders for its effects over toning and defining a quality muscles. Hilma Biocare Drostanolon Propionat (Masteron) is a steroid without estrogenic side-effects because of the fact that it is a derivates of DHT. It is avoided the complete…

  • Cantitate: 50 pastile Concentratie: 1mg/pastila Substanta: Anastrozole Pretul este pentru o cutie cu 50 pastile

  • Primobol, the injectable steroid produced by Balkan Pharmaceuticals has as active substance Methenolone Enanthate, which it is known under the name of Primobolan. It is appreciated and used by beginners and advances for its fewer side effects, being safe to use. It is recommended in increasing very high quality muscles mass, because it doesn’t retain…

Used by athletes and bodybuilders from all around the world, the steroids are substances who offer the possibility of the muscle mass’s growing in a shorter time than is possible with classic physical training. This is one of the main reasons for which anabolic steroids are sought and used by professional and amateur athletes around the world.

Used with moderation, steroids have many advantages, as reducing the duration and the intensity of physical effort in obtaining the desired muscle mass, reducing the muscle’s recovery time after an intense effort, stimulates the production of red blood cells, thus contributing to a better oxygenation of the tissues.

How steroids are functioning?
The anabolic steroids are synthetical substance with a chemical structure similar with testosterone, the masculine sexual hormone, which is produced naturally by organism. The testosterone has the role to improve the masculine characteristics of men, from physical power to the way the hair is growing on their body. Steroids improve in an artificial way the quantity of testosterone in blood, resulting the effects: increased muscle mass, strength and resistance.

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