Anabolic steroids should be used for a certain amount of time, after which their administration should be discontinued. The purpose of using steroids is to artificially magnify the level of natural hormones. As a result of this, when we flood the body with artificial testosterone, most of the time, the natural testosterone production will slow down or even will stop.
Therefore, stopping the administration of steroids will lead to deprivation of these hormones, the body needs time to return to its initial parameters and to begin to produce again the necessary testosterone. The longer the steroid administration period is, the longer the post-cycle period – the recovery of the body to optimal parameters – is higher.
Effects experienced by those in the passage period are differing from one person to another, both in manifestation and intensity. The most common effects are fatigue, weakness of the muscles or mood swings.
In order to avoid these manifestations or to diminish their impact, it is recommended to administer some medications to supplement the lack of testosterone and to stimulate its natural secretion.
Post Cycle Therapy is therefore the complex of the substances needed after the period of steroids administration.
In this category of our online steroid shop, you will find the necessary products that you need in therapy, also you can find products that can come with steroids, who are designed to protect the liver.

Remember! Post Cycle Therapy is compulsory for the persons who followed cycles that contain steroids on a longer period of 6 weeks.

Although this Post Cycle Therapy has different effects from one person to another, the classic scheme, followed by many, is the following:
– first day – 250 mg Clomid (the equivalent of 5 pills) and 60 mg Tamoxifen (the equivalent of 3 pills)
– days 2-11 – 100 mg Clomid (the equivalent of 2 pills) and 40 mg Tamoxifen (the equivalent of 2 pills)
– days 12-22 – 50 mg Clomid (the equivalent of 1 pill) and 20 mg Tamoxifen (the equivalent of 1 pill)