Pharma Bold 300 Pharmacom


Pharma Bold 300 Pharmacom is an injectable steroid with strong anabolic proprietes and moderate androgen properties, being sought and appreciated by athletes and bodybuilders because it has few side effects.
Pharma Bold 300 is the version produced by Pharmacom Lab of the Boldenon
Also known as Boldenone, this injectable steroid has a very long active life, requiring less frequent injections, and is often used as part of very long cycles, over 10 weeks.
It is recommended for increasing strength and muscle mass, which is dense. Boldenone does not retain water in the muscles, so their volume after the cycle must be the same as for the cycle. Moreover, steroid increases the appetite.
It can also be safely used by women.
Pharma Bold 300 Pharmacom is a product available in 1 bottle of 10ml, with a concentration of 300mg / ml
Recommended average doses: between 200 and 600 mg per week