Pharma Stan 50 – Water Pharmacom


Pharma Stan 50 represents the version of the company Pharmacom Labs for injectable steroid known under the name of Winstrol. Having as active substance Stanozol, this steroid is one of the most micronized solutions, requiring to be injected in almost every group of muscles, it can use multiple needle sizes.
Having a structure similar to water, this steroid is very safe, it can be used daily or one to two days, without having side effect over the liver. Stanozol is similar to testosteron, but it doesn’t flavor and it doesn’t retain water in the body. More, because it isn’t derived of testosterone, it doesn’t inhibit natural selection of this hormone if the recommended dosage is observed.
Steroidul Pharma STAN 50 – Water is an available product at a 10 ml bottle, having a concentration of 50 mg/ ml.
It is administrated intramuscular.
Medium doses recommended: between 300 and 400 mg per week – 50m / day (for avanced).
For beginners 50 mg is recommended once every two days.