Pharma Stan 50 – Oil Pharmacom


The Company Farmacom Labs has developed a version of oil base of stanozole, injectable steroid known as Winstrol. This version is considered to be better than the water type version, it doesn’t have the disadvantages of an aqueous suspension.
The steroid is compatible with other steroids on oil base when it is mix in a single syringe for intramuscular injection.
Stanozol has lower androgenic effects, but it is a gool anabolic. Also, it doesn’t inhib the natural production of testosterone, it doesn’t flavour and it doesn’t retain water.
It is recomended in the definition cycles of muscle mass.
The steroid Pharma STAN 50 – Oil is an available product at 10 ml bottle, having a concentration of 50 mg/ ml.
It is administrated intramuscular.
Medium doses recommended: between 300 and 400 mg per week- 50 mg/ day (for avanced)
For beginners 50 mg is recommended once every two days.