Pharma Test E300 Pharmacom


Pharma Test E 300 (at base has Testosteron Enanthate) is one of the best injectable steroids, being recommended as a base solution in every cycles of muscle increasing because of its large volume of muscles accumulated in a short time. For ideal result, it can combine with Dianabol or Nandrolon.
The solution is oily and it has a slowly release in the body. More, it doesn’t produce hepatotoxicity and it is friendly with the liver.
It has negative parts because it has a strong estrogenic effect, which it can countered with Proviron or Nolvadex in case of high doses.
Testosterone is a hormone produced by the body. Administration of this anabolic steroid-based testosterone inhibits this production, which why it needs a post-cycle therapy after the end of the treatment.
Steroidul anabolic Pharma Test E 300 is an available product at 10 ml bottle, having a concentration of 300 mg/ ml.
It is administrated intramuscular.
Medium doses recommended: between 300 and 1000 mg per week, with a high program of training and proper diet.