Pharma Test E500 Pharmacom


Pharma Test E500 Pharmacom represents a modified version of the steroid PHARMA TEST E 300, being twice as concentrated than the standard version of Testosterone Enantate, the active substance in this product.
Thus, Pharma Test E500 is a very powerful injectable anabolic steroid, being recomended in the increasing muscle cure. For faster effects, the steroid is mixing with other similar products, but only by the people who have experience in this field.
Pharma Test E500 has strong androgen effect, it is indicated to administrate with compounds in order to limit these effects, but also it need to have an equilibrated diet and a correct training program.
The product can suppress the natural production of testosterone and it is recommended to respect the dose and the treatment post-cycle.
Steroidul anabolic Pharma Test E 500 is an available product at 10 ml bottle, having a concentration of 500 mg/ ml.
It is administrated intramuscular.
Medium doses recommended: between 250 and 1000 mg per week, with a high stricter training program and with a proper diet.
The steroid is completely removed from the body after 3 months.