Sustamed (Sustanon) Balkan Pharmaceuticals


Sustamed is an injectable anabolic steroid that has four estersof testosterone (propionate – 30 mg, phenylpropionate – 60 mg, isocaproate – 60 mg and decanoate – 100 mg) in its composition.
Known also under the name of Sustano, Omnadren, MultiTesto, Testo Combo, Pharma Sust or Testo Mix, this steroid is produced by Balkan Pharmaceuticals Company.
Having in composition 4 different esters, it ensures a quickly release for an immediate effect, but also a slowly release for a lasting impact.
It is recommended in different cycles mixed with other products: Trenbolon and Winstrol, when it is desired an accumulation of quality muscle mass, it is associated with Turanabol, and for increasing the muscles mass, it can successfully mix with other steroids, such as Danabol and Deca.
The Steroid Sustamed (Sustanon) Balkan Pharmaceuticals is an available product at a 1 ml vial, having a concentration of 250 mg/ ml.
Warning! It is administrated only intramuscular, deep.
Medium doses recommended: between 250 and 700 mg per week, in cycles of 10-12 weeks.
Warning! If it is associated with other steroids, the maximum dose is 500 mg pers week.